Why does my cat like getting wet?

Cat playing with water

Cat playing with water

Because water is fun!  

Many cats play with water coming out of taps.  Some cats will even lay in the sink, even if there is some water in it! I once had a cat that sometimes tried to jump into the bathtub with me!

Most cats don’t seem to like water very much, but some cats think water is great!  You might be interested in learning more about why cats don’t like getting wet.

If your cat doesn’t mind getting wet, then you’re probably one of the lucky owners that can give your pet a bath.  That makes you a very lucky owner, especially if your cat smells bad!

In the picture on the side and the video below, you can see Savannah playing with water from the tap.  It looks like she is playing a game to me.

Do you think Savanna likes the water?

Watch the Video

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