Why does my cat snore?

Your cat’s snoring is actually a very common problem that many of us suffer through.  There are countless people experiencing  sleepless nights due to their cats snoring beside them.  If you are suffering with a loud snoring cat, there is hope!

Does your cat suffer from this problem (watch the video)!

Your cat should try some of the following :

  1. Avoid dairy products which can cause mucus build up, no milk !
  2. Avoid alcoholic beverages.
  3. Avoid big meals before taking a cat nap.
  4. Try providing a thicker pillow to elevate your cat’s head.
  5. If all else fails try using nasal stripes to open the nostrils.

If these suggestions do not help with your cats snoring the only thing left for you to do  is to buy a set of earplugs. We hope you get some sleep!

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