Why does my cat always move right before I take a photograph?

Photographing cats can be extremely challenging. Your cat is probably trying to sniff the camera, or they pose nicely and then move right before you take the picture! Every cat owner can probably relate to this behavior.

Many of the cat pictures that you see on the internet are very low quality, or blurry. This is either due to the camera that is being used, or the skill level of the photographer.

How can I photograph my cat?

There are many tips and tricks that you can follow to make it easier to photograph your cat.

  • Camera Selection: use a digital camera so you can take many photos. Read the next section of this article for information about which camera features can help you photograph your cat.
  • Lighting: the best possible lighting is achieved outside in natural light.
  • Level: kneel down at your cats level in order to take the best shot.
  • Patience: This is perhaps the most important tip! Your cat probably thinks that you are playing a game, and he is simply trying to participate!

Cat photography

Cat photography

How can I improve my cat pictures?

So, are you following the above steps and still not happy with your cat photographs? Sometimes it simply comes down to technology when you are trying to snap a good shot of your cat. Most cameras that people own have a slow shutter speed. This means that your cat must remain perfectly still in order for you to get a clear picture of your cat. The price of cameras have significantly reduced over the last few years. There are many cheap cameras on the market that you can purchase to significantly improve your cat photography.

Next time you go camera shopping, try to select one with the following camera features so you can take better pictures of your beloved cat:

  • Image Stablilizer: This feature will help to keep your pictures sharp, even if you slightly ‘shake’ the camera while taking the picture. If your camera has image stabilizing, you can take better pictures at slower shutter speeds.
  • Fast Shutter Speed: This is perhaps the most important feature. The faster the shutter speed, the better! A fast shutter speed will allow you to take a sharper picture even if your cat is moving. This is especially useful if you wish to take action shots of your cat!
  • 8 megapixel or higher: A high resolution camera will allow you to print larger photographs.
  • High ISO: A camera with a high ISO setting allows you to take better photographs in low light settings. You probably take many pictures of your cats in the house at night time, and the pictures probably come out dark or blurry. A high ISO setting can help reduce these issues.
  • Digital SLR camera: An SLR camera allows you to change camera lenses. You may wish to keep the same lens on most of the time, but other times you may want to use specialty lenses that are great for portraits, action shots, etc. An SLR camera allows you to take your photography more seriously down the road, if you wish to!

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