Why does my cat hate bandages?

Your cat probably tries to pull off his bandages constantly! This is very very very normal behavior for cats. Cats seem to always pull their bandages off in record time, especially if the bandages are on his paws!

Your cat will probably try to pull off any bandages that you put on him, no matter where it is. The body of the cat is quite complex, and many areas are very sensitive and serve very important functions. Your cat probably dislikes his bandages as much as he hates a nice new sweater or other fashion accessory!

Information about Cat Paws

Your cats paws have claws and footpads. The paws serve many different functions for your cat. The claws allow your cat to climb, dig, hunt, and defend himself. Your cat’s footpads function as shock absorbers so he can jump and land softly from surfaces high off the ground.

So, when your cat has bandages on his feet, he will generally try to pull them off as quickly as possible.

Information about Cones

Cats with bandages wearing cone

Cats with bandages wearing cone

If your cat must wear a bandage for medical purposes, veterinarians usually recommend that your cat wears a cone. A cone is a device that is worn around the neck of your cat. It is a cone shape and prevents your cat from having the ability to use his teeth to pull or bite off his bandages. Cones are not painful for cats, but your cat may act like he is very uncomfortable. Your cat will adjust to wearing a cone eventually. You may have to remove the cone to allow your cat to eat and drink. Your cat may also need the cone removed before he can get in and out of the litter box.

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