Why does my cat hate snow?

I hate snow… and I think my cats hate it too!

This seems like a silly question! Why do humans hate snow?

Cold cat in snow

Cold cat in snow

Snow is perceived by most people as cold, wet, and generally uncomfortable. Your cat probably hates snow for the exact same reasons. Your cat probably enjoys being warm and cozy in your house during the winter months (or all months if your cat is an indoor cat!).

Snow is wet, and most cats hate getting wet. If you’d like to know why, read the Why does my cat hate getting wet? article. So if your cat hates getting wet, your cat will probably hate snow as well.

The other reason that cats may hate snow is because it is cold! Some people tend to think that cats are safe staying outside in snowy weather, but that is not true. Cold weather can be very dangerous for your cat. Cats should never be left out in cold weather. In particular, snow is very very cold on cats paws. Cat’s can get frost bite just like humans can!

There are some breeds of cats that can live in the snow. For example, snow leopards live in the snow all year round. These types of cats are very different from domestic house cats!

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