Why does my cat knead me?

This generally means that your cat loves you very much.  Cats usually knead humans on the stomach or thigh area where the skin is softer.  This may feel like an awkward sensation at first, but after you realize that your cat is showing you love, it is very neat!

Before a cat kneads, he will usually start purring.  Kneading usually happens when you are petting your cat, or other times when your cat is extremely happy.  Sometimes, your cat may even start drooling while he is kneading you!

Kneading is an instinctual kitten behavior.  Young kittens knead their mother’s nipples to stimulate the “let down” reflex in her, which causes the milk to flow so the kittens can eat.

If your cat has long nails, kneading can sometimes hurt.  So, if your cat enjoys kneading you, make sure you keep his nails clipped.  Also, keep a towel handy to wipe up all of that drool!  Happy Kneading!

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