Why does my cat twitter?

Cat using laptop to twitter

Cat using laptop to twitter

Times are changing — balls of yarn are a thing of the past!
Cats are now using Twitter!!  Your cat twitters because twittering is the new cool thing to do, even for cats! There are thousands and thousands of cats using Twitter.

If you are crazy about your cat, you and your cat will probably start twittering very soon!  To start, create an account for your cat.  You can then update your cat’s status as often as you like.  I bet you’ll find that your cat has hundreds of friends in no time at all.  I’ve always wondered why it is so easy for cats to make friends!

To start making friends on Twitter, feel free to start by following Savanna, our WhyDoesMyCat.com mascot.  Savanna is a very friendly cat that wants to make as many friends as possible.  She will even introduce your cat to numerous other great friends!  Savanna’s brother and sister twitter too.  You can see her brother twittering in the picture!

Give Twitter a try — cats and cat owners make wonderful friends!

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