Why does my cat ride the Roomba?

Cat riding roomba robot vacuum

Cat riding roomba robot vacuum

Your cat rides the roomba because riding a roomba is fun!  Wouldn’t you ride the roomba if you could?  My niece tried to ride it too (when she was 3 years old).

A roomba is a robot vacuum that cleans your floors. Most pets are scared of roomba robots because they can be quite loud machines, but other cats seem to like riding the roomba — it’s like surfing… without the water!  Cats probably wouldn’t like surfing because most cats don’t like water.  You might be surprised that some cats actually like water!

This is peanut riding the roomba.  Peanut likes riding the roomba almost as much as he likes chasing the laser light.  Take a look at this article to see how fast he is!!

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