Why does my cat see ghosts?

Alot of readers have been sending in questions about why their cats see ghosts, spirits, aliens, or invisible monsters.

I can’t answer this question matter of factly (as usual, right?), but I do know that cats have senses that are far more sensitive than humans. Maybe they see a piece of dust floating in the air, or a small bug (yes, there are bugs smaller than what the human eye can see… they are crawling all over you).  Your cat may also be seeing a beam of sunlight on the wall (reflecting off a moving vehicle outside perhaps) .  There are an infinite amount of possibilities!

Anyways, your cat *could* be crazy… but most likely, you just aren’t able to see/sense the thing that your cat knows is there…..

Anyhow, don’t worry, your cat will protect you from ghosts…. they eat them for snacks.

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