Why does my cat head butt me?

Your cat is probably showing you affection by head butting and rubbing on you.  Cats can head butt for many reasons.

Here’s a few reasons why your cat might be headbutting you:

  • Your cat is head butting you to communicate.
  • Your cat is leaving his scent on you.
  • Your cat wants to be pet!

How can I understand my cats communication through body language?

Cats communicate with us in many ways such as facial expressions and sometimes they even use their voices. One of the most obvious ways that cats communicate with humans is by using body language, such as headbutting. Cat body language can be very difficult to interpret and understand. However, if you observe and learn to understand your cats body language, you can quickly start to recognize and understand your cat’s behaviour.

The movement of a cat’s head can determine a great deal about what your cat is feeling. A happy and affectionate cat will be more likely to head butt you than an unhappy cat! When your cat head butts you he is extremely content. It is also a way for your cat to greet you with love and affection.

Why does my cat leave his scent on me?

Head butting also serves another purpose for your cat. It allows him to spread his cat scent all over you. Your cat produces pheromones. These cat pheromones send out messages to other members of the species. When your cat head butts you, pheromones are secreted from his forehead. Your cat produces glandular secretions from his face. These scents are left on surfaces after your cat rubs on things (or people, of course).

When your cat head butts you, he is marking you as his property (because he loves you so much!). Lucky you! Your cat probably also head butts other cats in your family. Consider yourself lucky to be one of the pack.

How do I know when my cat wants to be pet?

Head butting is usually a pretty clear indication that your cat wants to be pet!  Cats very often head  butt people when they want affection and love.  Your cat will often purr when he starts to head butt you.  Sometimes a cat will start with head butting and then rub his whole body along your leg.  If your cat is doing this, you should give him lots of pets and affection.  Pet him, scratch his head, and snuggle with him.  He will love you even more!

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