Why does my cat fart?

Are you sure it is your cat farting, or is someone blaming your cat? Humans very frequently blame their pets for farting when really it was the human that stunk up the room!

You might be wondering… do cats fart? ┬áCats do fart! If it was indeed your cat that farted, he probably farted for the same reasons that human beings fart. Your cat most likely is not digesting food properly. This could be influenced by diet as well as the health of the digestive system. Some foods take longer to digest than others and may ferment in the stomach or intestines, causing a build up of gas.

How can I stop my cat from farting?

You probably cannot stop your cat from farting, just like you cannot stop yourself from farting. However, you can probably reduce the frequency that your cat farts, or perhaps reduce the level of stink! You can reduce the amount of gas that your cat needs to pass by feeding a high quality food. You can also restrict milk intake because the lactose in milk can contribute to any digestive problem. If you let your cat outside, your cat may be eating other sources of food such as birds, mice, and bugs. This could be another reason why your cat is farting!

Farting is indeed normal, but why does my cats farts stink so bad?

Cats are carnivores and are generally on a diet rich in protein. Protein-rich diets produce small amounts of intensely stinky gas because proteins contain lots of sulfur. Because there is only a small amount of gas, your cat’s farts are probably silent most of the time. Silent but deadly, of course!

There are a number of possibilities that can explain why cat farts can smell so bad and are so silent but deadly:

  • cats don’t feel embarrassed about farting so they just let it rip (like kids do!)
  • the amount of gas produced is extremely potent, even though it is a small amount
  • the gas is released more slowly when cats fart due to the horizontal orientation of their gastrointestinal system

We all hate when our cats fart, but how do our cats feel when we fart?

Believe it or not, your cat might actually like the smell of your farts (gross!). You may notice that your cat starts sniffing the air after you fart. If your cat runs away after you fart, the noise may have scared him — or, your farts are really really stinky! If your farts are that stinky, you probably should not be complaining about your cats farts!

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2 thoughts on “Why does my cat fart?

  1. Miki

    my 10 mouth old male cat was doing this we found out he was alergic to gluten. alot of canned foods were bulked up useing weat also the biscuts too so we just changed him to finsh mashed with rice

  2. Jim

    I have a 5 month old spotted bengal, she is adorable and playful but it seems like when she gets too excited she farts, and they are nasty like no other. we started feeding her kitten chow, but have since switched to the pro plan for kittens so she is surely getting a high quality food source. Is there any way to maybe lessen the intensity of these little gas bombs because i didnt sign up for chemical warfare with my cat? lol

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