Why does my cat get so territorial?

Cats are very territorial animals.  Cats compete for space, and then try to protect it after they have it.  Cats will usually hiss or growl when they are displaying territorial behavior.  Sometimes, the territorial behavior is more difficult to detect.  For instance, sometimes cats will use body language or other forms of communication to display aggression towards other cats.

Some cats are very territorial with the litter, and may even prevent other cats from using it.  This is more common in multi-cat households.  One solution is to ensure that you have enough litter boxes for your cats.  Some veterinarians recommend one litter box for each cat.  However, your cats will most likely share the litter boxes instead of sticking to their own.

Most cats are territorial of their living space, especially with cats that do not live in the household.  Watch what happened the day that the neighbour cat decided to crossover into someone else’s balcony (both cats are very friendly and there wasn’t a fight, just a disagreement).

The day that Molly came to visit….

The day Molly came to visit.

Cats can become aggressive when they are feeling territorial.  Here are a few behaviors that indicate cat aggression:

When your cat is being aggressive, be careful and give him space… those fangs look sharp!

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