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Why does my cat adopt bunnies instead of eating them?

Below is an extremely cute video of a cat that adopted a baby bunny and treated it like its other kittens.

This behaviour is quite interesting because rabbits actually belong to the rodent family of species. Cats normally hunt rodents. There are some exceptions, however. Watch a video of a cat and its two rat friends.

Click here to watch another cute video of cats and bunnies.

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Why does my cat like being friends with my rats?

Cats normally hunt all types of rodents.  A rat is a rodent, and therefore is generally a source of food for cats.  However, in the unusual video below, you will see a cat that is not aggressive toward rats.  You may even argue that the cat enjoys the company of the rats (sort of!).

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Why does my cat attack my baby?

Cats sometimes behave very unpredictably around babies. It can sometimes be funny, or very very stressful.  When my niece was 1 year old, my male cat would often punch her in the head of she got too close.  After being punched, my niece would start giggling, which made the situation even funnier.  We’re pretty sure he was just playing (and it was pretty funny to watch), but we had to watch him very closely to make sure everyone was safe 🙂

Here’s a funny video of a kitten playing with a baby:

Warning: Do not leave a cat and a baby together unattended. You can never predict how a cat will behave, especially in your absence. In particular, some cats will lay on babies faces while they are sleeping. Your cat is not trying to kill your baby. Most likely, your baby’s head is warm and your cat is just looking for a warm place to sleep.

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Why does my cat go crazy and do back flips?

Cats often go crazy for no apparent reason. Any cat owner is familiar with this behavior. Generally, it happens so fast that you don’t have time to grab your camera (its sort of like how cats always move right before you take a photograph)

This owner, however, managed to get the crazy behavior on film. This cat is very talented, and perhaps should take up gymnastics. I haven’t seen many cats perform back flips. Enjoy the video!

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Why does my cat jump in the refrigerator?

I do not recommend allowing your cat to go into your refrigerator.  Not only is it unhygienic, but it could be unsafe for kitty if you forget about him and leave him in the fridge.

My male cat likes to bite bags. He knows there are bags in the fridge, so he usually runs to the fridge every time we open the door. It is annoying. There was one time that he jumped into the fridge and we did not notice. About 10 minutes later, we heard him meowing and realized he was trapped in the fridge.

Here’s a video of a cat in a refrigerator:

I’m not sure why this cat’s owner decided to place kitty in the fridge, but I sure hope they are careful to ensure kitty stays healthy and safe!

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