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Jul 04

Why does my cat harass my bunny?

Two of my friends have bunnies, and just recently I saw them interact. The larger bunny did not hesitate to charge towards the cat. The cat looked surprised but stood his ground. I wasn’t surprised when the cat swatted at the bunny, who then ran back into his cage. I decided to check youtube to …

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Jun 02

Why does my cat climb the screen door?

Cats are impressive climbers.  In general, cats like to climb on top of things (e.g. why does my cat jump on the refridgerator?) or inside of things (e.g. why does my cat like boxes?). Cats climb by using their claws on all four of their paws.  They pull themselves upwards by digging their claws into the surface. …

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May 24 has been featured in a Mikey Bustos Video!!

Mikey Bustos is a talented singer, songwriter, performer, and entertainer. He is well known in Canada and the Philippines, and has performed in various location around the world. Mikey has a strong appreciation and interest in all sorts of animals, especially Ants. YouTube Video! To learn more about Mikey Bustos, subscribe to the MikeyBustosVideos YouTube …

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Apr 28

The best cat adoption ad that I have ever seen…

Do you need a new friend?

Feb 22

Why does my cat like the Toronto Maple Leafs?

I’m still trying to figure this one out… stay tuned!

Feb 21

Why does my cat like when I program the automatic feeder incorrectly?

auto pet feeder configuration issue

The picture says it all! My cats enjoy the auto pet feeder.  The feeder works on a timer, allowing you to set up to 8 feedings by configuring the start time and end time of the feeding.  The feeding time will vary depending factors such as the size of the food.  I have found that …

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Jan 27

Why does my cat require dental surgery?

Tomorrow, one of the mascots must undergo surgery. His name is Peanut, and he is the brown (seal point) Siamese that you see in many of the pictures and videos on this website. Here’s a few reason why Peanut must undergo dental surgery: 1) His breath really really stinks. He often jumps up on …

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Nov 27

Why does my cat chase the laser light?

Cat chasing laser light.

Your cat is probably chasing the laser because he likes to play. However, some cats appear to realize that it is just a light, while others seem to chase it endlessly. My oldest cat will not chase any sort of light, and she’s the one who needs the exercise the most! A friend of mine …

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