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Why does my cat play with watermelons?

Cats seem to love fruit!  My cats often push my avacados off the kitchen counter, causing them to become bruised and mushy (bad kitties!)


Here’s a cute and funny video of a cat playing with a watermelon — a piece of fruit larger than the cat!



Does your cat play with any type of fruit?  Send us a photo!


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Why does my cat use the toilet, and the toilet paper?

Cats can be trained to use the toilet (see the video below for evidence). I have personally tried to train my 3 cats to use the human toilet, but one of them would not learn. After bringing out the litter box for the (less intelligent?) cat, the other 2 cats began using the litter again, instead of the toilet.

Congratulations to this kitty, and its owner, on a job well done!

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Why does my cat harass my bunny?

Two of my friends have bunnies, and just recently I saw them interact. The larger bunny did not hesitate to charge towards the cat. The cat looked surprised but stood his ground. I wasn’t surprised when the cat swatted at the bunny, who then ran back into his cage.
I decided to check youtube to see some videos of cats and bunnies, and found this video.

By the way, I don’t endorse the interaction between bunnies and cats, especially if they are left unattended. Bunnies are apparently rodants, and cats generally hunt any type of rodant.

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Rating: 7.8/10 (4 votes cast) has been featured in a Mikey Bustos Video!!

Mikey Bustos is a talented singer, songwriter, performer, and entertainer. He is well known in Canada and the Philippines, and has performed in various location around the world. Mikey has a strong appreciation and interest in all sorts of animals, especially Ants.

YouTube Video!

To learn more about Mikey Bustos, subscribe to the MikeyBustosVideos YouTube page.

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