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Sep 10

Why does my cat like Ice Cream?

Umm because it’s delicious?

Feb 21

Why does my cat like when I program the automatic feeder incorrectly?

auto pet feeder configuration issue

The picture says it all! My cats enjoy the auto pet feeder.  The feeder works on a timer, allowing you to set up to 8 feedings by configuring the start time and end time of the feeding.  The feeding time will vary depending factors such as the size of the food.  I have found that …

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Jul 12

Why does my cat eat ants?

If a cat sees any type of moving critter (such as an ant), the cat will likely do one of the following things: kill the bug by eating it kill the bug by playing with it Cats instinctively try to kill most moving creatures that are much smaller than them, and that includes ants.  Sometimes …

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Oct 06

Why does my cat eat plants?

Cats biting fake tree

Your cat is a carnivore, so why is he eating your plants? Plant eating is a normal cat behavior, but almost every pet owner is annoyed by it (myself included). In the wild, cats probably eat plants as a source of fiber. In most cases, owners must either accept the behavior, remove the plants from …

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Oct 04

Why does my cat get constipated?

My cat is constipated and I don’t know what to do! Your cat can be constipated for a large number of reasons. Constipation is quite common (but not normal) in cats. Older cats become constipated more often than younger cats and kittens. Constipation, in and of itself, is not a disease. It is, however, a …

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Sep 30

Why does my cat like beer?

We don’t recommend that you let your cat drink beer. It is a depressant and is unhealthy for your cat. Your cat likes beer for the same reasons that adults do — it tastes good! I have personally witnessed a cat that loved beer so much that he would knock the bottle off the table, …

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Sep 30

Why does my cat have bad breath?

This is a very common issue.  Many cats have bad breath.  Your cats breath should smell like the last thing he or she ate.  So, if your cat just ate a bowl of cat food, your cat’s breath should smell like cat food.  If there are other foul odors coming from your cats mouth, he …

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Sep 30

Why does my cat fart?

Are you sure it is your cat farting, or is someone blaming your cat? Humans very frequently blame their pets for farting when really it was the human that stunk up the room! You might be wondering… do cats fart?  Cats do fart! If it was indeed your cat that farted, he probably farted for …

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