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Questions and answers about games that cats play.

Why does my cat want to be a DJ?

Who wouldn’t want to bust out a sick beat?  Here we have an example of a cats ability to get into everything.  Cats are curious little animals who love moving objects.  Those spinning turn tables are far too interesting for your cat to ignore.  Who knew combing cats and turn tables would result in such artistic treasures….now if only we had some dancing cats.



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Why does my cat chase its tail?

Your cat is chasing its tail because it does not realize its attached to itself.  Cats are not always the brightest creatures, this behavior demonstrates just how clueless they can be.  Your cat is full of energy and wants to play all the time, this is especially true for kittens.  This desire to play with whatever is at hand explains why a cat would be enthralled with its own tail.   A cats tail never stops moving until the cat gets sick of chasing it, the same can not be said for the human who tires of throwing a string around for their cat.  Your cat is obviously aching for more quality play time, we recommend giving more attention to your cat.  We all need to protect our cats from themselves and try to end this tail chasing madness before a cat loses a tail!

It is also quite common for cats to chase laser lights.

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Why does my cat attack my baby?

Cats sometimes behave very unpredictably around babies. It can sometimes be funny, or very very stressful.  When my niece was 1 year old, my male cat would often punch her in the head of she got too close.  After being punched, my niece would start giggling, which made the situation even funnier.  We’re pretty sure he was just playing (and it was pretty funny to watch), but we had to watch him very closely to make sure everyone was safe 🙂

Here’s a funny video of a kitten playing with a baby:

Warning: Do not leave a cat and a baby together unattended. You can never predict how a cat will behave, especially in your absence. In particular, some cats will lay on babies faces while they are sleeping. Your cat is not trying to kill your baby. Most likely, your baby’s head is warm and your cat is just looking for a warm place to sleep.

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