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Sep 08

Why does my cat sneeze?

Your cat is sneezing for the same reasons that you sneeze.  Like humans cats sometimes need to have a good sneeze.  There may be something tickling your cats nostrils or something blocking your cats airways.  Your cats sneezing may also be the result of an allergic reaction to something.  Cats can be allergic to their …

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Jul 26

Why does my cat need physical therapy?

This poor cat was born with dislocated knee caps. In order to learn/improve walking, the cat underwent physical therapy, which involved walking on a treadmill in water Watch the video! Kitty is doing very well now!

Jul 22

Cat obesity… an epidemic?

Back by popular demand… another cat treadmill video for you to enjoy! Click here to view another treadmill video!  Thanks to everyone for sharing these wonderful videos! What I especially love is the laughter coming from the humans taking the video. You can truly hear the love that people have for their pets in some …

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Jul 06

Why does my cat run on the treadmill?

…maybe your cat is trying to slim down via cardio exercise Here’s a funny video of  two very healthy looking Burmese cats running on a treadmill:

Feb 21

Why does my cat like when I program the automatic feeder incorrectly?

auto pet feeder configuration issue

The picture says it all! My cats enjoy the auto pet feeder.  The feeder works on a timer, allowing you to set up to 8 feedings by configuring the start time and end time of the feeding.  The feeding time will vary depending factors such as the size of the food.  I have found that …

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Jan 27

Why does my cat require dental surgery?

Tomorrow, one of the mascots must undergo surgery. His name is Peanut, and he is the brown (seal point) Siamese that you see in many of the pictures and videos on this website. Here’s a few reason why Peanut must undergo dental surgery: 1) His breath really really stinks. He often jumps up on …

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Nov 27

Why does my cat smell bad?

Cat scared of pet head waterless shampoo

Some cats seem to smell bad, and others do not. I have three cats and only one smells bad (it’s the male, by the way!). Some cats dig around in the litter more than others — an obvious reason why your cat may smell bad. If your cat is not grooming himself often, he may …

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Jul 04

Why does my cat need pet insurance?

Cats are like people, and sometimes they get sick or injured.  Many families do not have the financial means to pay for pet emergencies that may arise, especially during this recession.  So, more and more pet owners are turning to pet insurance companies so they can feel secure that their pet will be cared for …

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