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Questions and answers about training a cat.

Jul 30

Cat using a human toilet… watch for yourself!

As we’ve already seen, some cats can be trained to use a human toilet, instead of the litter box.  I tried training my cats to do this (using the litter kwitter kit) but my male cat refused to pickup the habit, and preferred to use the living room rug. Watch the video: For cat owners …

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Jul 22

Cat obesity… an epidemic?

Back by popular demand… another cat treadmill video for you to enjoy! Click here to view another treadmill video!  Thanks to everyone for sharing these wonderful videos! What I especially love is the laughter coming from the humans taking the video. You can truly hear the love that people have for their pets in some …

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Jul 08

Why does my cat use the toilet, and the toilet paper?

Cats can be trained to use the toilet (see the video below for evidence). I have personally tried to train my 3 cats to use the human toilet, but one of them would not learn. After bringing out the litter box for the (less intelligent?) cat, the other 2 cats began using the litter again, …

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Jul 06

Why does my cat run on the treadmill?

…maybe your cat is trying to slim down via cardio exercise Here’s a funny video of  two very healthy looking Burmese cats running on a treadmill:

Jul 05

Why does my cat play piano?

OK — this video has over 22 million views on YouTube and I just watched it for the first time ever!!  Amazing! Share this video with your friends!

Jul 03

Why does my cat start purring and then bite me?

Your cat sounds very very happy and affectionate!  If your cat is biting you hard, you may want to read more about why your cat is biting you. Cats are usually very very happy when they are purring.  However, a veterinarian once told me that biting is not an affectionate behavior in cats.  I’m not …

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Apr 21

Why does my cat ride the Roomba?

Cat riding roomba robot vacuum

Your cat rides the roomba because riding a roomba is fun!  Wouldn’t you ride the roomba if you could?  My niece tried to ride it too (when she was 3 years old). A roomba is a robot vacuum that cleans your floors. Most pets are scared of roomba robots because they can be quite loud …

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Apr 20

Why does my cat like getting wet?

Cat playing with water

Because water is fun!   Many cats play with water coming out of taps.  Some cats will even lay in the sink, even if there is some water in it! I once had a cat that sometimes tried to jump into the bathtub with me! Most cats don’t seem to like water very much, but …

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