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Questions and answers about training a cat.

Oct 22

Why does my cat bite me?

Cats bite for numerous reasons. Biting is very common in kittens, but usually cats stop biting as they get older. Kittens bite because they are very playful creatures, and biting is a fun game for them! ¬†You may also be interested in reading why cats sometimes purr and then bite, or why cats chew and …

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Oct 06

Why does my cat eat plants?

Cats biting fake tree

Your cat is a carnivore, so why is he eating your plants? Plant eating is a normal cat behavior, but almost every pet owner is annoyed by it (myself included). In the wild, cats probably eat plants as a source of fiber. In most cases, owners must either accept the behavior, remove the plants from …

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Oct 03

Why does my cat pee outside the litter?

Cats pee outside the litterbox for many different reasons. It is important to be patient with your cat and never punish your cat if he pees outside the litter box. This article discusses the following topics: reasons cats pee outside the litter box training your cat to use the litter box cleaning cat accidents in …

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Oct 03

Why does my cat drink from the toilet?

Your cat drinks from the toilet because he is thirsty! Even better, the water in the toilet is cold. Cats love cold water, just like humans do! Cats might like drinking from the toilet even more if your toilet water is running. It’s like a water fountain… for cats! If you don’t want your cat …

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