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Why does my cat start purring and then bite me?

Your cat sounds very very happy and affectionate!  If your cat is biting you hard, you may want to read more about why your cat is biting you.

Cats are usually very very happy when they are purring.  However, a veterinarian once told me that biting is not an affectionate behavior in cats.  I’m not so sure I agree with her.   One of my cats will often start purring very loudly.  If I continue to pet him, he will usually bite my skin very lightly.

When cats get very very filled with love, they may also rub their paws up and down on you. Your cat may also head butt you to show affection.

When cats bite while they are purring, it usually seems like a love bite to me.  I like to tell myself that anyways 🙂

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Why does my cat bite me?

Cats bite for numerous reasons. Biting is very common in kittens, but usually cats stop biting as they get older. Kittens bite because they are very playful creatures, and biting is a fun game for them!  You may also be interested in reading why cats sometimes purr and then bite, or why cats chew and bite plastic bags.

Your cat is most likely biting you because he is playing a game. Cats bite a lot when they are playing. Unfortunately, cats don’t always know when to stop playing, and sometimes they can hurt you when they bite.

Sometimes when a cat is playing, it has a hard time setting the boundary between playing with you and hurting you.

Your cat may also be biting you to warn you that he does not like something. For example, if you are petting your cat on his stomach, he may bite you softly to warn you that he does not like it.

If your cat is biting you hard or is displaying aggressive behavior, there could be something wrong with him, especially if the behavior is out of the ordinary. You should take your cat to see a veterinarian if he is acting out of character.

Cats may bite more frequently after undergoing a declaw surgery. Cats use their claws to grip objects. After a cat’s claws are removed, he has nothing to grip objects with except his teeth. Therefore, after your cat is declawed, he may bite objects (or you) instead of using his paws.

Cats may also bite if you have various scents on your hands. For example, if you were recently cooking with meat or other yummy foods, your cat may lick or bite your hands. In this case, your cat probably wants the food and does not realize that his biting may hurt you.

Some cats will bite your hands if you have chemicals on them such as bleach or other cleaning products. You should ensure that you wash your hands with soap and water before handling your cat. If your cat eats these dangerous chemicals, he could become ill.

How can I stop my cat from biting me?

You can train your cat to stop biting.  In order to train your cat to stop biting, it is extremely important that you are consistent. Never punish your cat or use physical force with your cat. Instead, simply say “No” in a stern voice. Pet owners have also reported success with pressing into the cat when he bites, instead of pulling your hand away. Another technique is to not react at all to the biting. Of course, this method only works if your cat is not biting extremely hard.

If you move your hand away after your cat bites you, he will probably think that you are playing a game with him. This will encourage the biting, and will probably result in your cat biting more frequently. Be patient with your cat. If you are patient and consistent, your cat will stop biting. If he does not stop biting, you should take him to see a veterinarian because he could be ill.

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Why does my cat hiss?

Hissing cat

Hissing cat

Your cat is hissing because he is trying to communicate a warning. Hissing is a defensive act.  When a cat hisses, it does not indicate that the cat is aggressive or mean.  It usually just means that your cat feels that he is in danger or threatened.

If your cat is hissing, try not to intervene unless your cat is in danger. Hissing is a way for cats to communicate with each other, sort of like negotiating rules. Adult cats will often hiss at kittens to tell them who is boss!

Cats sometimes hiss at humans — not just other cats. If your cat is hissing at you, he may be displaying threatening behavior toward you. Do not try to touch your cat if the kitty is hissing. It can be dangerous to approach a cat that is hissing at you.  In this situation, just walk away from your pet. If the behavior continues, you may want to bring your cat to see a veterinarian. Sometimes cats may hiss if they are ill.

Here is something you can try to get your cat to stop hissing:

  1. Find out why your cat is hissing.
  2. When your cat hisses, back off. Repeat and try to get closer each time.
  3. Speak to your cat in a soft voice.
  4. Don’t let visitors approach your cat when your cat is defensive.
  5. Try hissing back — Never yell or shout at your pet
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Why does my cat’s tail get big and puffy?

When a cat’s tail gets big and puffy, it usually means that you cat is being either aggressive or defensive, such as a cat fight
Your cat’s tail gets big and puffy to make himself look bigger. Cats do this so they appear to be larger and scarier than they actually are! Basically, the fur all stands up, making the tail look 2-3 times thicker than it actually is. The fur on your cats back will probably stand up as well, making it look like your cat has a mohawk!

You’re probably thinking, why would my cat want to look larger or scarier? Well, if your cat is being aggressive, they may wish to scare another cat by appearing to be larger. Or, if your cat is being defensive, your cat may use this tactic as a defense mechanism.

Kittens often puff up their tail when they are playing. Adult cats will do this too sometimes, either when they are playing or if they get spooked!

Cats will often turn their bodies sideways when they puff up their tails. They do this for the same reason — to appear larger!

Humans generally find this very funny and do not feel that their cat looks scarier whatsoever!

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