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Sep 08

Why does my cat sneeze?

Your cat is sneezing for the same reasons that you sneeze.  Like humans cats sometimes need to have a good sneeze.  There may be something tickling your cats nostrils or something blocking your cats airways.  Your cats sneezing may also be the result of an allergic reaction to something.  Cats can be allergic to their …

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Sep 06

Why does my cat open containers?

Your cat is obviously starving!  Just kidding. This trick or learned behavior by your cat shows how persistent and smart these felines can be.  Cats are preoccupied almost exclusively with food.  Cats by nature are predatory, they are driven to find food sources.  This need is all consuming.   A cat will not let something as …

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Sep 04

Why does my cat stand like a person?

You have a very talented cat! Your cat is standing on two feet because he has discovered the joys of being taller.  Your cat got tired of being picked on by all the taller cats and decided to do something about being so little.  Now that he has discovered how to stand like a person …

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Sep 02

Why does my cat get stuck in boxes?

Your cat is getting stuck in boxes because he does not like clutter and is trying to help clear the mess.  Your cat is a strong supporter of recycling and helps break boxes down for easy disposal.  We support your cats efforts and believe all cats should be as “green”.

Aug 29

Why does my cat attack himself in the mirror?

That is one adorable cat! This behavior is quite common for cats and especially kittens.   Cats are very curious by nature so it should come as no surprise that they would be intrigued by mirrors.  A cat can become fixated on their reflection and try to interact with this “new” cat.  This behavior is normal …

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Aug 26

Why does my cat adopt bunnies instead of eating them?

Below is an extremely cute video of a cat that adopted a baby bunny and treated it like its other kittens. This behaviour is quite interesting because rabbits actually belong to the rodent family of species. Cats normally hunt rodents. There are some exceptions, however. Watch a video of a cat and its two rat …

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Aug 19

Why does my cat snore?

Your cat’s snoring is actually a very common problem that many of us suffer through.  There are countless people experiencing  sleepless nights due to their cats snoring beside them.  If you are suffering with a loud snoring cat, there is hope! Does your cat suffer from this problem (watch the video)! Your cat should try …

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Aug 06

The cutest “cat” story you will ever see… warning: this will make you cry

This video has over 5 million views for a reason. If you’ve already met Christian, I bet you’ll watch the video again. And, if you haven’t met Christian, I bet you’ll watch the video more than once (and probably more than twice!) Enjoy!

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