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Why does my cat fight?

Cats fight for many different reasons:

  • aggression
  • defend themselves or their territory
  • playing

When cats do not know eachother and they fight, it is most likely that they are demonstrating aggressive behavior.  Cats are very territorial animals and they will fight other cats to protect their territory.  Cats generally don’t like sharing their territory with other cats, especially if the cat is unknown to them.

When cats who live in the same household fight, it is often very difficult to tell whether they are playing or being aggressive.   For example, the three cats in the following video have lived in the same household for many years.  However, they still fight once in awhile.

Are they playing or being aggressive?  What do you think?

When cats fight, they will often try to seek higher grounds than the other cat.  Cats will sometimes jump on top of things after or during a fight.  In this video, Peanut gets onto the Wii balance board in order to maintain higher ground than the other (larger) cat.

Are these cats playing or fighting?

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Why does my cat’s tail get big and puffy?

When a cat’s tail gets big and puffy, it usually means that you cat is being either aggressive or defensive, such as a cat fight
Your cat’s tail gets big and puffy to make himself look bigger. Cats do this so they appear to be larger and scarier than they actually are! Basically, the fur all stands up, making the tail look 2-3 times thicker than it actually is. The fur on your cats back will probably stand up as well, making it look like your cat has a mohawk!

You’re probably thinking, why would my cat want to look larger or scarier? Well, if your cat is being aggressive, they may wish to scare another cat by appearing to be larger. Or, if your cat is being defensive, your cat may use this tactic as a defense mechanism.

Kittens often puff up their tail when they are playing. Adult cats will do this too sometimes, either when they are playing or if they get spooked!

Cats will often turn their bodies sideways when they puff up their tails. They do this for the same reason — to appear larger!

Humans generally find this very funny and do not feel that their cat looks scarier whatsoever!

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