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Sep 08

Why does my cat sneeze?

Your cat is sneezing for the same reasons that you sneeze.  Like humans cats sometimes need to have a good sneeze.  There may be something tickling your cats nostrils or something blocking your cats airways.  Your cats sneezing may also be the result of an allergic reaction to something.  Cats can be allergic to their …

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Sep 06

Why does my cat open containers?

Your cat is obviously starving!  Just kidding. This trick or learned behavior by your cat shows how persistent and smart these felines can be.  Cats are preoccupied almost exclusively with food.  Cats by nature are predatory, they are driven to find food sources.  This need is all consuming.   A cat will not let something as …

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Aug 17

Why does my cat like birds?

Your cat does not realize that it is a cat.  After years and years of domestication your cat has forgotten that it is a predator.  A cat no longer has to rely on its hunting and stealth abilities to acquire food, now they just wait for the sound of a can opener or the click …

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Feb 21

Why does my cat like when I program the automatic feeder incorrectly?

auto pet feeder configuration issue

The picture says it all! My cats enjoy the auto pet feeder.  The feeder works on a timer, allowing you to set up to 8 feedings by configuring the start time and end time of the feeding.  The feeding time will vary depending factors such as the size of the food.  I have found that …

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Oct 01

Why does my cat hate his food?

Cats can be picky about food, just like humans. To make matters worse, cats generally eat the same food every day with little variety. Therefore, it is important to find a food that your cat enjoys. More importantly, you should find a food that is healthy for your cat. Do you ever find your cat’s …

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Sep 30

Why does my cat put toys in the food bowl?

Your cat goes to the food bowl often and will never forget the location of the food bowl. It is possible that your cat is putting toys in the food bowl so they can be easily located later on. Cats love their toys and like to keep their toys where it is easy to account …

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