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Aug 09

Why does my cat play games on my IPAD?

I’ve never seen anything like this before, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Here’s a funny video of a cat playing a game on an IPAD:

Nov 27

Why does my cat chase the laser light?

Cat chasing laser light.

Your cat is probably chasing the laser because he likes to play. However, some cats appear to realize that it is just a light, while others seem to chase it endlessly. My oldest cat will not chase any sort of light, and she’s the one who needs the exercise the most! A friend of mine …

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Oct 14

Why does my cat hide?

Cats hide for a wide variety of reasons. Believe it or not, many cats enjoy playing many games that involve hiding, such as hide and go seek. Your cat may sometimes hide until you go looking for him. After you find him, he may jump out at you and chase you. Cat’s will often play …

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