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Why does my cat chase the laser light?

Cat chasing laser light.

Cat chasing laser light.

Your cat is probably chasing the laser because he likes to play. However, some cats appear to realize that it is just a light, while others seem to chase it endlessly. My oldest cat will not chase any sort of light, and she’s the one who needs the exercise the most!

A friend of mine once told me that her cat chased the laser all the time, until one day he looked up and saw her holding the light. He never chased it again. So’ you have to wonder, maybe cats only chase the lights if they haven’t yet realized that they will never be able to catch it!!

Here is a video of P chasing a laser light. He goes nuts as soon as he hears the chain make the slightest bit of noise. In fact, its sometimes a game for humans to try to get the laser out of the cats’ toybox without the little guy realizing it. Sometimes if you hold the laser too long without shining it, P will begin to make a noise that sounds a little bit like a barking dog. I think he gets impatient. What do you think?

Watch the Video

Warning: Never point the laser light at your cat’s eyes. The light can apparently do damage to your cat’s vision!

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Why does my cat hide?

Cats hide for a wide variety of reasons.

Believe it or not, many cats enjoy playing many games that involve hiding, such as hide and go seek. Your cat may sometimes hide until you go looking for him. After you find him, he may jump out at you and chase you. Cat’s will often play similar games with other cats. It can look like the cats are playing a game of cat and mouse. Each cat will take turns chasing each other around.

Cats will also hide when they are scared. If your cat is hiding, you should try to find out if he is scared of something. Are there new animals in your household? Are there new people or visitors in your household? Cats do not always cope well with change, and sometimes cats will hide in order to avoid stressful situations such as change. If your cat is hiding, try to reassure him that he is safe, but do not force him to come out of his hiding spot. If your cat is hiding for a long period of time, make sure that your cat has food, water, and a litter box close to the place he is hiding. You should also monitor his food and water intake to make sure that he is eating and drinking enough.

Cats may also hide if they are sick or feeling ill. It is very important that you monitor your cat’s behavior if he is hiding. If you cannot determine why your cat is hiding, it is probably a good idea to take your cat to see a veterinarian to make sure he is healthy. Cats feel very vulnerable when they are feeling sick, and will often hide so they are in a more secure environment.

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