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Why does my cat have bald spots?

Some cats are supposed to be bald!  For example, take a look at photos of sphynx cats!

If your cat is not a sphynx cat, it is probably not normal that your cat has bald spots.

Your cat can have bald spots for a number of reasons. Here are a few reasons:

  • psychogenic alopecia syndrome
  • fleas
  • bladder infection

Psychogenic Alopecia

This is a terminology that indicates hair loss due to psychological stresses. Cats often respond to stress (or boredom) by over grooming or chewing their fur. You may not notice that your cat is over-grooming because he may only be bored when you are not around.

Generally, with psychogenic alopecia, the hair loss starts on the abdomen/stomach, and the progresses to the cat’s thighs. Sometimes the hair loss will progress to the cat’s back.

In most cases, psychogenic alopecia it is a cosmetic issue, and does not actually affect the cat’s health in a negative way. However, it is important to take your cat to a veterinarian to make sure there is not any other cause for the hair loss.

You can reduce the hair loss by reducing the stress and boredom that your cat is experiencing. In order to reduce boredom, you can play games with your cats, or provide your cat with toys to play with. Many cats will not play independently, so it is important to encourage your cat to play, or purchase mechanical cat toys that will motivate your cat to play. There are some cat toys available that slowly reduce food. This extends your cats feeding time, and encourages your cat to play in order to obtain the food.


Exposure to fleas can cause your cat to groom excessively. Your cat may also scratch his fur excessively, which also can lead to hair loss. This can result in your cat having bald spots in the areas that he is over grooming and scratching.

You can check your cat for fleas by purchasing a flea comb. When you brush your cat with these fine combs, the fleas are pulled away from the cats skin. The comb will also reveal flea droppings, which will indicate that your cat has fleas.

The easiest way to treat fleas is to take your cat to see a veterinarian. There are many flea treatments on the market that are effective, but some are not very safe for cats. Never use dog flea treatments on cats. Dog flea treatments can be fatal to cats!

Bladder Infections

Bladder infections sometimes cause cats to lick and over groom their abdomens. This is a serious issue that requires attention by a veterinarian.

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