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Why does my cat require dental surgery?

Tomorrow, one of the WhyDoesMyCat.com mascots must undergo surgery. His name is Peanut, and he is the brown (seal point) Siamese that you see in many of the pictures and videos on this website.

Here’s a few reason why Peanut must undergo dental surgery:
1) His breath really really stinks. He often jumps up on our lap and yells in our face to get our attention. This cute behavior has become unbearable due to the awful smell coming from his mouth! Read more about why cats have bad breath!
2) After inspection by our favorite veterinarian, we found out that Peanut has gingivitis, and that some of the teeth will require extraction. This will reduce the bacteria in his mouth, and probably reduce some pain that he is probably experiencing. We don’t brush Peanuts teeth, so some of this issue probably could have been avoided if we were willing/able to keep up with a teeth brushing routine.
3) While Peanut is asleep during his surgery, the clinic will xray his teeth to look for additional cavities that cannot be seen while orally examining his mouth. Any teeth with cavities can then be removed to avoid a similar problem in the near future.

Peanut’s dental surgery will be performed by a top of the line clinic in Mississauga Ontario. He will undergo pre-operation blood work to ensure that he is healthy enough to undergo the surgery. He will also be placed on an IV during the procedure so they can easily administer medication in the event of a complication.

Please keep Peanut in your thoughts tomorrow as he undergoes this procedure!


Peanut is doing fantastic!  He was very sleepy for about a day after the surgery, but he is back to his old self now!  He has 2 days left of pain medication (4 in total).  He has 6 days left of antibiotics, in order to fight infections.  He is also on soft food for 3 – 7 days.  He doesn’t like the soft food very much (we’ve tried 2 different types).   He does end up eating it after he is hungry enough though.  We have also softened his crunchy food by putting it in the microwave in some water.  He seems to prefer this solution, but its very important to make sure the food completely cools down before serving it to Kitty!

Thanks everyone for your encouraging and supportive comments!  Peanut appreciates your concern 🙂

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Why does my cat need pet insurance?

Cats are like people, and sometimes they get sick or injured.  Many families do not have the financial means to pay for pet emergencies that may arise, especially during this recession.  So, more and more pet owners are turning to pet insurance companies so they can feel secure that their pet will be cared for in the event of a health emergency.

How pet insurance works

Pet insurance is very much like health insurance for individuals.  You pay a monthly premium, and then in the event that your pet requires healthcare, you may make a claim to the insurance company and the money is paid to you, assuming that the health condition falls under a covered expense.

Things to consider when choosing a pet insurance policy

There are a few things to consider when selecting a pet insurance plan.  The most important things to consider for an average pet owner are the policy coverage and the the policy cost.

Most importantly, it’s best to ensure that your pet insurance plan covers the type of health emergencies that are most likely to occur.  For example, many pet insurance plans do not cover chronic illnesses such as cancer of diebetes in your pet.  These types of conditions can be the most expensive to treat, so you want to make sure they are covered under your plan, or you will not be reimbursed for your pet’s health expenses.

The second most important thing to consider is the cost, of course.  After you find a insurance plan that suits your cat’s needs, you may want to shop around an compare the costs.  Like all insurance companies, the price plan varies from company to company.  When comparing prices, you must be absolutely sure that the plans offer equivalent benefits.  When comparing pricing, remember that some insurance companies have some room for negotiation.  Don’t be afraid to tell them that you’ve found a cheaper price somewhere else.  They may be able to point out extra benefits that their plan offers that the other plan does not offer.

My final advice for selecting a pet insurance company is to ask others for advice.  More and more people are buying pet insurance these days, so don’t be afraid to ask your friends and co-workers if they are aware of any pet insurance plans.  You can also find advice from other pet owners online.  It may be helpful to find other pet owners who have submitted claims and are happy with the coverage and the cost.

When should I buy pet insurance?

It is usually best to buy insurance as soon as possible, because most plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. That means that if your cat already suffers from a health condition, such as diebetes, it is very unlikely that your pet insurance plan will cover expenses related to that pre-existing condition. Therefore, it makes the most sense to buy your pet insurance before your pet becomes ill or injured.

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I still can’t decide….

Pet insurance provides you with the security that your cat will be cared for in the event of a health emergency, even if your bank account happens to be low at the time.

Just think — what would you do if your pet had an emergency and there were not enough funds in your bank account to cover the costs?  It’s a scary thought!  Pet insurance provides you relief from that worrying so you can spend more time loving your cat.

If you decide not to purchase pet insurance for your cat, consider starting a savings account so you have funds available if your cat becomes sick.  If you have a difficult time saving the money, you may realize more quickly that you require insurance for your pet.

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