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Why does my cat hide?

Cats hide for a wide variety of reasons.

Believe it or not, many cats enjoy playing many games that involve hiding, such as hide and go seek. Your cat may sometimes hide until you go looking for him. After you find him, he may jump out at you and chase you. Cat’s will often play similar games with other cats. It can look like the cats are playing a game of cat and mouse. Each cat will take turns chasing each other around.

Cats will also hide when they are scared. If your cat is hiding, you should try to find out if he is scared of something. Are there new animals in your household? Are there new people or visitors in your household? Cats do not always cope well with change, and sometimes cats will hide in order to avoid stressful situations such as change. If your cat is hiding, try to reassure him that he is safe, but do not force him to come out of his hiding spot. If your cat is hiding for a long period of time, make sure that your cat has food, water, and a litter box close to the place he is hiding. You should also monitor his food and water intake to make sure that he is eating and drinking enough.

Cats may also hide if they are sick or feeling ill. It is very important that you monitor your cat’s behavior if he is hiding. If you cannot determine why your cat is hiding, it is probably a good idea to take your cat to see a veterinarian to make sure he is healthy. Cats feel very vulnerable when they are feeling sick, and will often hide so they are in a more secure environment.

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Why does my cat like boxes?

Cat sitting in yellow box

Cat sitting in yellow box

Cats like to sit in boxes, lay in boxes, and play in boxes!

Cats like boxes for many many reasons! Do you remember building forts or hide-outs when your parents bought something that came in a big huge box? Well, cats get excited about boxes too. If a cat can fit in a box, the cat will sit in the box!

Cats are playful. Boxes provide a place for your cat to hide and, of course, play. If you sneak up on your cat while your cat is in a box, he will probably think that you are playing a game. Your cat will be willing to play many different games that involve a cardboard box — try it out!

Your cat probably loves any holiday that involves gifts. Gifts usually come in boxes, and boxes mean its playtime! Your cat probably also loves when you come home after a shopping spree. Your cat is probably very curious about what you have in your bags. You cat may even try to get inside one of your bags, for the very same reasons that they like to jump inside a box.

Cats often chew the edges of boxes. This may be somewhat similar to cats chewing on plastic bags (which can actually be quite dangerous). If your cat is chewing on a box, you should make sure that he is not eating too much of the cardboard. Cats should eat cat food, not cardboard boxes!

Have you ever noticed that your cat likes to sit on the paper that you are reading, or the book that you are reading? It is quite common for cats to sit on paper and cardboard. When they sit on paper or cardboard, it is warmer than sitting on a tiled floor (or a granite kitchen countertop!).

If you’d like to provide a place for your cat to play and hide, you can buy cat trees and cat beds that are somewhat like boxes. They are usually made with carpet or fabric so your cat will be comfortable laying on them. Also, they can definitely look nicer in your home than a cardboard box!

Photos of cats in boxes:

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