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Nov 09

Why does my cat want to be a DJ?

Who wouldn’t want to bust out a sick beat?  Here we have an example of a cats ability to get into everything.  Cats are curious little animals who love moving objects.  Those spinning turn tables are far too interesting for your cat to ignore.  Who knew combing cats and turn tables would result in such …

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Sep 10

Why does my cat like Ice Cream?

Umm because it’s delicious?

Aug 26

Why does my cat adopt bunnies instead of eating them?

Below is an extremely cute video of a cat that adopted a baby bunny and treated it like its other kittens. This behaviour is quite interesting because rabbits actually belong to the rodent family of species. Cats normally hunt rodents. There are some exceptions, however. Watch a video of a cat and its two rat …

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Jul 24

One of the cutest cat videos of all time

This video currently has 31,270,610 views on YouTube. It is one of the cutest videos that I have ever seen!

Jul 10

Why does my cat have her kittens in such an inconvenient location?

I think kitty may be regretting where she chose to have her kittens…. it looks like alot of work to me to be running up and down a slide all day! Warning:  This video is very cute!

Jul 04

Why does my cat harass my bunny?

Two of my friends have bunnies, and just recently I saw them interact. The larger bunny did not hesitate to charge towards the cat. The cat looked surprised but stood his ground. I wasn’t surprised when the cat swatted at the bunny, who then ran back into his cage. I decided to check youtube to …

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Jul 03

Why does my cat grow up?

Kittens are only kittens for a year, but this short time is the most significant stage of a cat’s development. It’s important for kitten owners to recognize how impressionable these animals are and arm themselves with tools and expert advice to ensure their kittens the best start in life. In order to raise a well …

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Sep 30

Why does my cat lick me?

Your cat probably licks you in attempt to groom you! Yes, believe it or not, cats probably lick you for the same reason that they lick themselves! So, if your cat is ever licking you, maybe its time for a shower!  Click here to watch a funny video of a cat licking a baby! Cats …

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