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Jun 02

Why does my cat climb the screen door?

Cats are impressive climbers.  In general, cats like to climb on top of things (e.g. why does my cat jump on the refridgerator?) or inside of things (e.g. why does my cat like boxes?). Cats climb by using their claws on all four of their paws.  They pull themselves upwards by digging their claws into the surface. …

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Nov 30

Why does my cat groom all the time?

Cats lick their fur to clean and groom themselves. Cats don’t like baths and showers like humans do, so they clean themselves by licking. In fact, cats generally spend 30% – 40% of their time grooming themselves. Why do cats groom? Grooming has many hygienic and psychological benefits: helps to eliminate parasites keep the cat’s …

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Oct 29

Why does my cat knead me?

This generally means that your cat loves you very much.  Cats usually knead humans on the stomach or thigh area where the skin is softer.  This may feel like an awkward sensation at first, but after you realize that your cat is showing you love, it is very neat! Before a cat kneads, he will …

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Oct 10

Why does my cat hate bandages?

Cats with bandages wearing cone

Your cat probably tries to pull off his bandages constantly! This is very very very normal behavior for cats. Cats seem to always pull their bandages off in record time, especially if the bandages are on his paws! Your cat will probably try to pull off any bandages that you put on him, no matter …

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Oct 01

Why does my cat put his paws up on the wall?

There are a few reasons why your cat may be putting his paws up on your wall. Your cat may be putting his paws up on the wall to stretch. Your cat probably stands tall on his hind legs and stretches his paws as far up on the wall as he can reach. Your cat …

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