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Why does my cat play with watermelons?

Cats seem to love fruit!  My cats often push my avacados off the kitchen counter, causing them to become bruised and mushy (bad kitties!)


Here’s a cute and funny video of a cat playing with a watermelon — a piece of fruit larger than the cat!



Does your cat play with any type of fruit?  Send us a photo!


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Why does my cat climb the screen door?

Cats are impressive climbers.  In general, cats like to climb on top of things (e.g. why does my cat jump on the refridgerator?) or inside of things (e.g. why does my cat like boxes?).

Cats climb by using their claws on all four of their paws.  They pull themselves upwards by digging their claws into the surface.  Because cats require claws to climb things, declawed cats are not very good climbers.  Most (if not all) cats should be kept indoors, especially declawed cats.  Declawed cats cannot easily climb things (such as trees) in order to get away from predators.

Below are some impressive pictures of Mocha, one of our friend cats, who climbs the screen door.  Mocha is an indoor cat.  Do you think she is climbing the screen door because she wants outside, or is Mocha just having a good time?

You can add funny pictures of your cat, and he/she may appear in a why does my cat article!

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Why does my cat chase the laser light?

Cat chasing laser light.

Cat chasing laser light.

Your cat is probably chasing the laser because he likes to play. However, some cats appear to realize that it is just a light, while others seem to chase it endlessly. My oldest cat will not chase any sort of light, and she’s the one who needs the exercise the most!

A friend of mine once told me that her cat chased the laser all the time, until one day he looked up and saw her holding the light. He never chased it again. So’ you have to wonder, maybe cats only chase the lights if they haven’t yet realized that they will never be able to catch it!!

Here is a video of P chasing a laser light. He goes nuts as soon as he hears the chain make the slightest bit of noise. In fact, its sometimes a game for humans to try to get the laser out of the cats’ toybox without the little guy realizing it. Sometimes if you hold the laser too long without shining it, P will begin to make a noise that sounds a little bit like a barking dog. I think he gets impatient. What do you think?

Watch the Video

Warning: Never point the laser light at your cat’s eyes. The light can apparently do damage to your cat’s vision!

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Why does my cat eat ants?

If a cat sees any type of moving critter (such as an ant), the cat will likely do one of the following things:

  • kill the bug by eating it
  • kill the bug by playing with it

Cats instinctively try to kill most moving creatures that are much smaller than them, and that includes ants.  Sometimes your cat will eat the bug immediately, while other times your cat may swat at the bug numerous times until the bug is no longer moving.  It’s difficult to tell if your cat was trying to kill the ant, or if your cat was playing with the ant and just got a little bit too rough 🙁  It’s the same deal with cats and fighting — you can’t always tell if they are playing or not.

More About Ants

Ants are a type of insect that are much more complicated than most people give them credit. There are about 20,000 different species of ants that can be found around the world.  Ants can live in almost every environment, assuming the ground is not permanently frozen.  Ants live in groups, called colonies, and the members of the colony work together very efficiently.  Pretty neat, eh?  There are a growing number of people gaining an appreciation for ants, and many people even keep them as pets.

For more information about ants, or pet ants, visit AntsCanada.com.   If you decide to start your own colony of ants, you will probably want to keep your cat away from them 🙂

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