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Feb 13

Why does my cat love stuffed animals?

Feb 11

Why does my cat love snow?


Nov 11

Why does my cat put his hands up?

This is a must see video! Here we have little Gryphon showing off a cute little trick! Freeze mister!

Nov 09

Why does my cat want to be a DJ?

Who wouldn’t want to bust out a sick beat?  Here we have an example of a cats ability to get into everything.  Cats are curious little animals who love moving objects.  Those spinning turn tables are far too interesting for your cat to ignore.  Who knew combing cats and turn tables would result in such …

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Nov 06

Why does my cat wear costumes?

If you looked this cute , you’d wear costumes too! Here are some of the cutest costumes from our favorite standing cat.  

Nov 06

Why does my cat have a crazy owner?

This is one of the funniest cat songs out there! We wish we could hug all the cats out there too!  Does that make us crazy?  

Sep 12

Why does my cat chase its tail?

Your cat is chasing its tail because it does not realize its attached to itself.  Cats are not always the brightest creatures, this behavior demonstrates just how clueless they can be.  Your cat is full of energy and wants to play all the time, this is especially true for kittens.  This desire to play with …

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Sep 08

Why does my cat sneeze?

Your cat is sneezing for the same reasons that you sneeze.  Like humans cats sometimes need to have a good sneeze.  There may be something tickling your cats nostrils or something blocking your cats airways.  Your cats sneezing may also be the result of an allergic reaction to something.  Cats can be allergic to their …

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