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Aug 29

Why does my cat attack himself in the mirror?

That is one adorable cat! This behavior is quite common for cats and especially kittens.   Cats are very curious by nature so it should come as no surprise that they would be intrigued by mirrors.  A cat can become fixated on their reflection and try to interact with this “new” cat.  This behavior is normal …

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Apr 21

Why does my cat ride the Roomba?

Cat riding roomba robot vacuum

Your cat rides the roomba because riding a roomba is fun!  Wouldn’t you ride the roomba if you could?  My niece tried to ride it too (when she was 3 years old). A roomba is a robot vacuum that cleans your floors. Most pets are scared of roomba robots because they can be quite loud …

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Oct 01

Why does my cat stick his tongue out?

Cat sticking tongue out

Your cat forgot to pull his tongue back in — that’s all! Many cats do this, and it is quite cute.  If you haven’t already done so, you should probably watch the funniest video of a cat sticking his tongue out!  Very amusing! Cats most often leave their tongue sticking out when they are grooming …

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