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Why does my cat require dental surgery?

Tomorrow, one of the WhyDoesMyCat.com mascots must undergo surgery. His name is Peanut, and he is the brown (seal point) Siamese that you see in many of the pictures and videos on this website.

Here’s a few reason why Peanut must undergo dental surgery:
1) His breath really really stinks. He often jumps up on our lap and yells in our face to get our attention. This cute behavior has become unbearable due to the awful smell coming from his mouth! Read more about why cats have bad breath!
2) After inspection by our favorite veterinarian, we found out that Peanut has gingivitis, and that some of the teeth will require extraction. This will reduce the bacteria in his mouth, and probably reduce some pain that he is probably experiencing. We don’t brush Peanuts teeth, so some of this issue probably could have been avoided if we were willing/able to keep up with a teeth brushing routine.
3) While Peanut is asleep during his surgery, the clinic will xray his teeth to look for additional cavities that cannot be seen while orally examining his mouth. Any teeth with cavities can then be removed to avoid a similar problem in the near future.

Peanut’s dental surgery will be performed by a top of the line clinic in Mississauga Ontario. He will undergo pre-operation blood work to ensure that he is healthy enough to undergo the surgery. He will also be placed on an IV during the procedure so they can easily administer medication in the event of a complication.

Please keep Peanut in your thoughts tomorrow as he undergoes this procedure!


Peanut is doing fantastic!  He was very sleepy for about a day after the surgery, but he is back to his old self now!  He has 2 days left of pain medication (4 in total).  He has 6 days left of antibiotics, in order to fight infections.  He is also on soft food for 3 – 7 days.  He doesn’t like the soft food very much (we’ve tried 2 different types).   He does end up eating it after he is hungry enough though.  We have also softened his crunchy food by putting it in the microwave in some water.  He seems to prefer this solution, but its very important to make sure the food completely cools down before serving it to Kitty!

Thanks everyone for your encouraging and supportive comments!  Peanut appreciates your concern 🙂

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Why does my cat smell bad?

Some cats seem to smell bad, and others do not.

I have three cats and only one smells bad (it’s the male, by the way!).

Some cats dig around in the litter more than others — an obvious reason why your cat may smell bad.

If your cat is not grooming himself often, he may smell worse than if he did groom himself. If your cat’s breath is bad, grooming may have the opposite effect. He could simply be spreading his bad breath all over his fur.  You  may be interested in reading more about why your cat has bad breath.

Some owners consider bathing their cats if they smell really bad.  However, most cats don’t like having a bath.  Read more about why cats hate water and information about how to bathe your cat.

If bathing your cat is not an option, you could consider a variety of waterless bathing products.  Recently, I have tried Furminator Waterless Deshedding Shampoo Conditioner, and Pet Head Waterless Shampoo.

Furminator waterless deshedding shampoo and conditioner

Furminator waterless deshedding shampoo and conditioner

Pet head waterless shampoo

Pet head waterless shampoo

The furminator product has a fresh scent that is strong enough to make the cat smell nice, but not too strong (in my opinion anyways).  The Pet Head product has a very strong blueberry scent.  I like the smell of it, but I’m not sure if the cat does.

As you can see, kitty still doesn’t look too impressed with this waterless form of bathing:

Cat scared of pet head waterless shampoo

Cat scared of pet head waterless shampoo

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Why does my cat pee outside the litter?

Cats pee outside the litterbox for many different reasons. It is important to be patient with your cat and never punish your cat if he pees outside the litter box.

This article discusses the following topics:

  • reasons cats pee outside the litter box
  • training your cat to use the litter box
  • cleaning cat accidents in your home

Reasons Cats Pee Outside the Litter Box

Litter Box Too Dirty!
Cats will often pee outside the litter box if the litter is too dirty. Cats are dirty animals that like to have a clean washroom. Cats do not like to step in a dirty litter box. If your litter box is clean and your cat is still not using it, there is probably a different reason.

Stress or Change
Cats can experience stress for many reasons. However, usually stress is caused by change, such as a new animal in the household. If your cat is stressed, he may choose to pee somewhere other than the litter box.

Health Complications
If your cat is peeing outside the litterbox, he may be suffering from health complications, such as a bladder infection. There are many serious issues that can cause your cat to pee outside of the litterbox. If your cat is straining, that can indicate a serious problem such as a blockage. You should take your cat to see a veterinarian to ensure that he is healthy. Blockages can be life threatening emergencies that require immediate attention.

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

Keep the Litter Box Clean
This is absolutely the most important step for training your cat to use the litter box. Cats are more likely to continue using the box if it is kept clean. Clean the litter box at least once each day.

Try Different Litters
There are many different types of litters on the market right now: crystals, clay, clumping, and flushable. Find a litter that your cat likes, and begin your training! Remember: Keep the litter clean!

Praise and Treats

Place your cat in the litter box often and pet him to make him feel comfortable. When your cat uses the litter box, be sure to praise him with affection and/or treats. You must communicate to your cat that it is good behavior to pee in the litter box.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is used by many animal behaviorists. It works by enforcing good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. You can use clicker training to train your cats to do many things. There are many clickers on the market that can be used, but you can also find tools in your home, as long as you use the same ‘clicking’ sound when training you cat. Start by making a clicking sound and rewarding your cat with a treat. Do this a few times a day until your cat learns that he gets a treat when he hears the clicking sound. The key to this training technique is to notice when your cat is using the litter box and make the clicking sound. Your cat will associate the clicking sound (which he likes) with the litter box (which you want him to like!)

Eliminate All Odors from Previous Accidents
This step is extremely important. Your cat can get confused if he smells his pee in other areas of the house. Cats generally go to the bathroom where they have previously gone. If your cat can smell his pee on the couch, he will likely go to the bathroom on the couch again. Keep reading for more information about removing the smell of cat urine in your home.

How to Eliminate the Smell of Cat Urine

To clean cat urine and eliminate the smell, follow the steps below:

  1. Dry the area as soon as possible if it is still wet.
      – Use a dry cloth or paper towel.
      – Don’t rub. Instead, blot the area to absorb the urine.
      – Keep soaking it up until it is dry.
  2. Choose a urine cleaning. There are many products on the market for this purpose. It is extremely important that the product you use neutralizes the urine. Your regular household products will not work because they will not neutralize. Look for a good enzymatic cleaner, such as Nature’s Miracle. There are many options.
  3. Keep the cat away from the area until the smell is completely gone. Remember: Cat’s have a better sense of smell than humans. Just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean your cat can’t.
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