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Cat using a human toilet… watch for yourself!

As we’ve already seen, some cats can be trained to use a human toilet, instead of the litter box.  I tried training my cats to do this (using the litter kwitter kit) but my male cat refused to pickup the habit, and preferred to use the living room rug.

Watch the video:

For cat owners out there that are considering trying this, please consider that some cats also drink out of the toilet (yuck!)

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Why does my cat drink from the toilet?

Your cat drinks from the toilet because he is thirsty! Even better, the water in the toilet is cold. Cats love cold water, just like humans do! Cats might like drinking from the toilet even more if your toilet water is running. It’s like a water fountain… for cats!

If you don’t want your cat to drink from the toilet, then perhaps it would be a good idea to put the lid down! If you don’t put the lid down, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you don’t ever forget to flush — Yuck!

If your cat is drinking from the toilet, make sure that you don’t have any dangerous chemicals in the water — this could make your cat sick.  Many toilet cleaning products are extremely poisonous to both cats and humans.  If your cat is drinking from the toilet and you sometimes forget to keep the toilet lid down, its a good idea to use a cleaning product that is not toxic to cats.

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