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Why does my cat stick his tongue out?

Cat sticking tongue out

Cat sticking tongue out

Your cat forgot to pull his tongue back in — that’s all! Many cats do this, and it is quite cute.  If you haven’t already done so, you should probably watch the funniest video of a cat sticking his tongue out!  Very amusing!

Cats most often leave their tongue sticking out when they are grooming themselves. Sometimes they will lick their fur and then stop for a moment. At this point their tongue is sticking out a little bit — grab the camera if you have time!

Cats sometimes stick their tongue out while they are sleeping. Your cat’s mouth may open slightly and his tongue may come out a little bit. Again, get your camera ready — great photo opportunity!  You might also be wondering why your cat always moves when you are about to take a photo!

You may need to be concerned if your cat’s mouth stays open all the time. If this is happening, your cat may have injured his mouth, and he may need to see a veterinarian to make sure that he is okay.

However, most of the time there is nothing to worry about when your cat sticks out his tongue!

Have you ever wondered why your cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper?  Read the Why does my cat’s tongue feel like sandpaper? article.

Photos of cats sticking their tongues out:

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Why does my cat’s tongue feel like sandpaper?

Your cat’s tongue fees like sandpaper because it is barbed. Yes — barbed!! This is why it can actually hurt when your cat licks your skin — especially sensitive places like your face or eyelids!

Yawning cat

Yawning cat

Cat tongues are barbed as a process of evolution. It is barbed with thousands of tiny mounds. This allows cats to effectively drink water, lick small pieces of food, and to groom themselves. The barbs actually work similar to the way that we use a hairbrush, except we don’t have to ‘eat’ the hair after we brush. Cats swallow the fur when they groom themselves. If you have a long hair cat, you are probably very familiar with hairballs! Hairballs can be reduced or prevented by brushing your cat with a brush, or even better, a deshedding tool! There are many very very good deshedding tools on the market right now, and usually cats enjoy the extra brushing!

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