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Why does my cat open containers?

Your cat is obviously starving!  Just kidding.

This trick or learned behavior by your cat shows how persistent and smart these felines can be.  Cats are preoccupied almost exclusively with food.  Cats by nature are predatory, they are driven to find food sources.  This need is all consuming.   A cat will not let something as trivial as a lid get between itself and food.  The only cat proof way to keep your cat from opening a container is to put it under lock and key.

Disclaimer: As of this time cats do not know how to use keys…this may change in the future.

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Why does my cat like beer?

We don’t recommend that you let your cat drink beer. It is a depressant and is unhealthy for your cat.

Your cat likes beer for the same reasons that adults do — it tastes good!

I have personally witnessed a cat that loved beer so much that he would knock the bottle off the table, just so he could get a small taste while the owner cleaned it up.

It is possible that cats like beer because it is generally made with malt.  Cats love malt!   Malt is used for flavoring in many cat treats.  It is also used to flavor many types of hairball prevention pastes.

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