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Nov 11

Why does my cat put his hands up?

This is a must see video! Here we have little Gryphon showing off a cute little trick! Freeze mister!

Sep 06

Why does my cat open containers?

Your cat is obviously starving!  Just kidding. This trick or learned behavior by your cat shows how persistent and smart these felines can be.  Cats are preoccupied almost exclusively with food.  Cats by nature are predatory, they are driven to find food sources.  This need is all consuming.   A cat will not let something as …

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Sep 04

Why does my cat stand like a person?

You have a very talented cat! Your cat is standing on two feet because he has discovered the joys of being taller.  Your cat got tired of being picked on by all the taller cats and decided to do something about being so little.  Now that he has discovered how to stand like a person …

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