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Aug 10

Why does my cat jump in the refrigerator?

I do not recommend allowing your cat to go into your refrigerator.  Not only is it unhygienic, but it could be unsafe for kitty if you forget about him and leave him in the fridge. My male cat likes to bite bags. He knows there are bags in the fridge, so he usually runs to …

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Aug 09

Why does my cat play games on my IPAD?

I’ve never seen anything like this before, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Here’s a funny video of a cat playing a game on an IPAD:

Aug 08

Funniest video of a cat sticking tongue out

If you like our popular article about why cats stick their tongues out, you need to watch this very amusing video:

Aug 07

Why does my cat dislike cages?

Cats dislike cages for many different reasons. Some cats probably associate the cage with unpleasant things such as going to the vet for checkups or procedures. It is also possible that the cage smells like the vet, or some other odour that brings up unpleasant memories for your cat. Here’s a video example of a …

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Aug 06

The cutest “cat” story you will ever see… warning: this will make you cry

This video has over 5 million views for a reason. If you’ve already met Christian, I bet you’ll watch the video again. And, if you haven’t met Christian, I bet you’ll watch the video more than once (and probably more than twice!) Enjoy!

Jul 30

Cat using a human toilet… watch for yourself!

As we’ve already seen, some cats can be trained to use a human toilet, instead of the litter box.  I tried training my cats to do this (using the litter kwitter kit) but my male cat refused to pickup the habit, and preferred to use the living room rug. Watch the video: For cat owners …

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Jul 29

Cats in Water… a compilation of the funniest videos

Some cats like water, and some cats hate water.  Either way, it is usually guaranteed that you’ll see something interesting when cats come into contact with water. Watch the video below for some interesting and funny footage of cats and water.

Jul 26

Why does my cat need physical therapy?

This poor cat was born with dislocated knee caps. In order to learn/improve walking, the cat underwent physical therapy, which involved walking on a treadmill in water Watch the video! Kitty is doing very well now!

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