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Why does my cat jump in the refrigerator?

I do not recommend allowing your cat to go into your refrigerator.  Not only is it unhygienic, but it could be unsafe for kitty if you forget about him and leave him in the fridge.

My male cat likes to bite bags. He knows there are bags in the fridge, so he usually runs to the fridge every time we open the door. It is annoying. There was one time that he jumped into the fridge and we did not notice. About 10 minutes later, we heard him meowing and realized he was trapped in the fridge.

Here’s a video of a cat in a refrigerator:

I’m not sure why this cat’s owner decided to place kitty in the fridge, but I sure hope they are careful to ensure kitty stays healthy and safe!

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Why does my cat dislike cages?

Cats dislike cages for many different reasons. Some cats probably associate the cage with unpleasant things such as going to the vet for checkups or procedures. It is also possible that the cage smells like the vet, or some other odour that brings up unpleasant memories for your cat.

Here’s a video example of a cat that really really does not like to be in a cage. This video currently has over 60 million views on youtube. Note: The video has a disclaimer stating that the cat is not abused — it simply does not like the cage.

My oldest cat likes cages and likes cars, but she dislikes being in a cage in the car (go figure!). When the cage is at home, she will let herself into the cage and sometimes shut the door behind her so the other cats cannot join her. She also likes cars. However, if she is in the car, in a cage, she will usually take a poop and then roll in it. Very gross! To make matters worse, she is one of those cats that really dislikes getting wet, so she usually doesn’t enjoy the cat bath that follows.

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Cat using a human toilet… watch for yourself!

As we’ve already seen, some cats can be trained to use a human toilet, instead of the litter box.  I tried training my cats to do this (using the litter kwitter kit) but my male cat refused to pickup the habit, and preferred to use the living room rug.

Watch the video:

For cat owners out there that are considering trying this, please consider that some cats also drink out of the toilet (yuck!)

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