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Jul 29

Cats in Water… a compilation of the funniest videos

Some cats like water, and some cats hate water.  Either way, it is usually guaranteed that you’ll see something interesting when cats come into contact with water. Watch the video below for some interesting and funny footage of cats and water.

Jul 26

Why does my cat need physical therapy?

This poor cat was born with dislocated knee caps. In order to learn/improve walking, the cat underwent physical therapy, which involved walking on a treadmill in water Watch the video! Kitty is doing very well now!

Jul 05

Why does my cat like to shower in the sink?

I’m not sure if this cat is showering, or if he just discovered a new way to drink… maybe a bit of both!

Apr 20

Why does my cat like getting wet?

Cat playing with water

Because water is fun!   Many cats play with water coming out of taps.  Some cats will even lay in the sink, even if there is some water in it! I once had a cat that sometimes tried to jump into the bathtub with me! Most cats don’t seem to like water very much, but …

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