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Oct 14

Why does my cat hide?

Cats hide for a wide variety of reasons. Believe it or not, many cats enjoy playing many games that involve hiding, such as hide and go seek. Your cat may sometimes hide until you go looking for him. After you find him, he may jump out at you and chase you. Cat’s will often play …

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Oct 07

Why does my cat always move right before I take a photograph?

Cat photography

Photographing cats can be extremely challenging. Your cat is probably trying to sniff the camera, or they pose nicely and then move right before you take the picture! Every cat owner can probably relate to this behavior. Many of the cat pictures that you see on the internet are very low quality, or blurry. This …

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Oct 03

Why does my cat pee outside the litter?

Cats pee outside the litterbox for many different reasons. It is important to be patient with your cat and never punish your cat if he pees outside the litter box. This article discusses the following topics: reasons cats pee outside the litter box training your cat to use the litter box cleaning cat accidents in …

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